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At Kushti bok we are dedicated to helping spread awareness

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What we do

We at kushti bok are dedicated too spreading awareness about race equality and aim to do this throuugh most importantly understanding!

How can we help?


One on one sessions

We work with local dorset police in order to help them better understand certain minority members of society and provide expertise in dealing with these sensitive matters.


Once a month kushti bok members hold meetings at Kingston Maurward college in Dorchester.

Want to get involved?

Betty Smith Billington is in talks with Sam Johnson(equalities manager)of Bournemouth council, and Nathalie Sherring of Dorset Race Equality regarding an up and coming project "Gypsies and Travellers in Bournemouth". As such we will be looking for any information to do with Gypsies and Travellers in Bournemouth before and after it became a town, Please contact us via the contact info.

Company Details

Kushti Bok Company registered number 06928675

Charity registration number 1136229


Chair: Betty Smith-Billington

Treasurer: Elizabeth Billington

Company Secretary: Elizabeth Billington

Secretary: Karen Packman

Directors/Trustees: Elizabeth Billington, Ruth McGill, Rev Roger Charles Redding MBE

Up and coming events

November 15th 2017 next Kushti Bok meeting

November 24th 2017 Traveller Movement Conference

December 8th 2017 next DCC G&T Forum


Positive Stories Project

Kushti Bok is partnered up with DEED, in order to providea positive story project voiced by Dorset's Gypsies and travellers. This project is funded by Comic Relief and aims to spread some awareness about Gypsy culture. For more information on the project visit the deed website by clicking the link.

Let's Get In Touch!

For more information about kushti bok please contact Betty Smith Billington with the below details.

01202 474 174

Or do you have information relevant to us such as the Gypsies and Travellers in Bournemouth project? If so please contact the email below instead.